Tuesday, 6 November 2012

November Oath WIP

Well, my Dark Vengeance Chaos Lord finally arrived, just in time for me to Oath something completely different for November.  The winner of the Infinity quarterly prize decided that it should probably go to someone that actually plays the game, so a special challenge was added for November. 

Anyone that paints an Infinity model goes into the draw to win October's unwanted prize.  Something I had to take advantage of.  Rummaging through my collection, I decided on an eclectic mix for this month - The Guild of Harmony Yi Ling I won with my Fire Imp, a totally-not-Nick-Frost-in-Hot-Fuzz "PC Sam Ford" from Hasslefree, and a Hassassin Mujib to qualify for the Infinity prize.

Yi Ling is a joy to paint, all the flowing cloth is extremely easy to highlight and shade.   The dress was given a basecoat of Sybarite Green, then highlighted with increasing amounts of Scorpion green. 

The final highlight was Scorpion Green with a little Screaming Skull mixed in, then the whole thing was given a Thrakka Green wash to blend it all together and add more shading.

Her hat is Balor Brown with a Devlan Mud wash, then drybrushes of Desert Yellow and Screaming Skull.  The rope belt is just a base coat of Desert Yellow for now, it will eventually be a golden yellow color.

Not much to say about the Muyib, just standard base coats for now.  I've done a little more on both figures since these pictures were taken, and started on the PC.  Feeling pretty good about this month, I'm definitely ahead of schedule.

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