Friday, 30 November 2012

When everything goes wrong - November Oath Complete

I've had a hell of a month.  Between working late hours and weekends doing repetitive physical tasks, running, and attending an after-work training course, I've had little time to paint.  When I do snatch a few hours, I'm rushed and stressed.
Ugh. Awful. Look at that mould line.
 So it's little wonder that this month's Oaths are some of my worst paint jobs ever submitted.

I didn't have time to base any of the figures, which I think is the wost thing about them.  But all three are just a bit sloppy - and all three were accidently dropped at least once.

PC Sam Ford.  Note the awful attempt at stubble, the blurred eyes, the mould line I forgot to trim off, etc etc etc.  Note too the trousers and gear equipment - they are actually highlighted, but I didn't push the highlights enough and they got lost in the photography.

Yi Ling.  I dropped her moments before taking these photos, heavily denting her hat (and taking off a chunk of paint).  You can see clearly in the back view where I've just slapped on some paint and a wash to cover it.  Plainly visible in the side view is a patch of missing paint under her belt. And of course, her eyes suck.  Really what she needs is a touch-up pass, but I ran out of time. 

Finally, the Hassassin Muyib, the only one of the three I am remotely happy with.  Still needs a few touch ups - his arm is particularly bad, especially the edges of the nozzles, which are missing paint due to - again - being dropped.  Not as bad as the others, but I can clearly do better.

So that was November. All around a craptacular month for painting.  I don't think I'll be Oathing in December, but I do have plans to paint some of my birthday haul.  But before that, these three need to be fixed up and based properly.


  1. I actually think they look pretty good. Course I'm not much of a painter myself. I'm at the level where somebody even ATTEMPTING to do stubble is way impressive.

    1. Yeah, I was just in a crappy mood when I wrote this, they're not actually that bad all things considered. Could have done without constantly dropping them though.