Monday, 5 December 2011

The Gibson Slums Ambush- an Infinity battle report

Lt. Sevens hunkered down on the old watchtower's rusted roof and watched the car descend from the steel-grey sky to touch down on the landing pad on the low concrete plinth below, trusting in her armor's optic baffles to hide her from unfriendly eyes. Her Corredigor Intrusion Cell had arrived hours before the scheduled drop, and waited for their contact another hour past the agreed time. Now his car had arrived, but something definitely stunk. With a click of her tongue she increased the zoom on her visor, focusing on the tinted windshield.. and the empty seats beneath.

"Remote operated" she muttered, already signalling the alert to her team when the first flicker of movement entered her peripheral vision. The arms deal might have gone south, but with any luck one of the Pan-O zombies trying to ambush her team would survive long enough to point out a juicy local target or two...

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Paper or Plastic?

Originally written for Smurfs In Space

There's a wide range of wargames scenery available out there, a large majority of which is unpainted plastic or resin in a "future gothic"* or "generic fantasy" style. But sometimes that just don't cut it.

I'm pretty sure I used to live in this part of London.

Sometimes you need a dirty near-future setting where people call each other "choomba" in gritty voices, and claim that they never asked to be turned into totally awesome cyborg killing machines. Sometimes you don't have the room, time or storage space for gigantic, multi-part, flock covered terrain monstrostities.

This seems legit.
Time to grab those snips and get to papercrafting.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

It's not easy being orange (Part Two)

Originally written for Smurfs In Space

In part one, I went over in rather pointless detail about the reasoning behind my color scheme and the test models that I used to experiment on. In part 2, it's time to start painting the actual Infinity miniatures.

After all that mucking about with test figures, in the end I decided on a variant of the official scheme, but with more orange and red shades. You can see in the work in progress pictures that I've started with the metal areas and the desert-yellow cloth areas (these Naffatun are actually the second Infinity figures that I painted, but the only ones I took WIP pictures of).

It's not easy being orange (Part One)

Originally written for Smurfs In Space

The excellent Ghost In The Shell meets Necromunda cyberpunk skirmish game Infinity really needs its own write up, and maybe I will do that one day when I'm bored. For now it's enough to say that I've enjoying playing the game with proxy models while slowly purchasing and painting the actual figures.

Painting them ORANGE.