Monday, 12 November 2012

A budget lightbox and a birthday haul

This weekend I discovered that you can make a more that serviceable lightbox out of a white plastic bowl and a single swing-arm lamp

Not only is it super easy to set up and use, but it appears to work better than my (probably over-large) "proper" light-tent.

Plastic bowl on the left, light-tent on the right.

Much less glare, and much less photoshop needed to make the colors true-to-life.  I may have to buy another bowl just for photography.

Made out pretty well in the miniatures department for my birthday, my partner picked me up the Hazmat team from Hasslefree that I'd been eyeing, and my friend and his wife grabbed me the Kameel Remotes and a HMG Janissary.  All great models that should be super fun to paint.

The Hazmat team are perfectly in scale with Infinity figures (the scenic base on the Ghulam makes him look a little taller) and the styling matches as well.  Looking forward to painting these guys the same bright blue as the spot-color on my Haq forces.

November's Oath is on target, PC Sam Ford is mostly finished, the Muyib's trousers and vest are done, and Yi Ling is.. stalled, since I am not sure how to do her sword.  Was going to do some NMM on it, but I think I might just wuss out and use standard metallics.

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