Friday, 30 November 2012

When everything goes wrong - November Oath Complete

I've had a hell of a month.  Between working late hours and weekends doing repetitive physical tasks, running, and attending an after-work training course, I've had little time to paint.  When I do snatch a few hours, I'm rushed and stressed.
Ugh. Awful. Look at that mould line.
 So it's little wonder that this month's Oaths are some of my worst paint jobs ever submitted.

Monday, 12 November 2012

A budget lightbox and a birthday haul

This weekend I discovered that you can make a more that serviceable lightbox out of a white plastic bowl and a single swing-arm lamp

Not only is it super easy to set up and use, but it appears to work better than my (probably over-large) "proper" light-tent.

Plastic bowl on the left, light-tent on the right.

Much less glare, and much less photoshop needed to make the colors true-to-life.  I may have to buy another bowl just for photography.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

November Oath WIP

Well, my Dark Vengeance Chaos Lord finally arrived, just in time for me to Oath something completely different for November.  The winner of the Infinity quarterly prize decided that it should probably go to someone that actually plays the game, so a special challenge was added for November. 

Anyone that paints an Infinity model goes into the draw to win October's unwanted prize.  Something I had to take advantage of.  Rummaging through my collection, I decided on an eclectic mix for this month - The Guild of Harmony Yi Ling I won with my Fire Imp, a totally-not-Nick-Frost-in-Hot-Fuzz "PC Sam Ford" from Hasslefree, and a Hassassin Mujib to qualify for the Infinity prize.