Monday, 1 October 2012

September Oath Complete - Part One

Oath complete! And as usual I was painting right up to the deadline.

Like a less murderous Charlton Heston
The final product isn't too dissimilar to the last WIP I posted , but everything has been pushed a little further. Final orange highlighters were added to the top edge of each cloak plate, and black ink was carefully brushed into the grooves.

Zahndrehk got back
I decided to go with a cool black for the carapace, though I went about it in a bit of a stupid way, with an Astronomicon Grey base coat, a black ink wash, then a watered-down black paint coat, highlighting with increasing amounts of Fenrisian Grey, then a final black wash.  The result is a little more blue than the pictures show.
Bendy spear bought to you by Finecast
More verdigris was added with stippling and drybrushing to simulate surface weathering, using Sybarite Green with increasing amounts of White Scar.  I tried for a natural look while avoiding joints and plate edges where the patina would naturally rub off.  As with the armour, a black wash was carefully applied to grooves and shadowed edges to bring back any detail obscured by the verdigris,

Aw, look at that lil' scarab
The base is a from the Scibor Egyptian Ruins range. The photography has blown out the colors, which is a shame, as it's probably the best thing I've painted in terms of time taken to end result.  Spray undercoated white, it was given a Desert Yellow base coat, then drybrushed with Screaming Skull and White Scar.  Gryphonne Sepia was applied 1/3 of the way down the base, then Devlan Mud around the 2/3 mark (paying attention to cracks and crevasses), then a final line of Thrakka Green wash around the very bottom.  Finally, the scarab was picked out in the same colors as the cloak.

Next post, objective markers!

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