Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Review: Warmill Jewel Bases

Despite not actually having played a game in month, I decided to order some Warmill jewel bases to use for camouflage and holo-projector tokens.

I opted for Futuristic Hexagons in a mix of dark blue and light blue, to match the blue spot colors on my figures, and I'm pleased with what I recieved, with a few caveats.

You can tell I've been painting, my thumb is all stripey.
First of all, due to a quirk of their website, there were no pictures of the specific bases that I wanted, just the non-colored options.  I had to use cached images from Google image search.  Checking the website again, all the jewel bases are listed as having no products.  So if you want some, you might need to wait till it's all sorted out.

Secondly, my order took quite a while to process, as they were out of light blue perspex.  Thankfully, their customer service kept me informed of the delay, but it's just as well I didn't need them by a specific date.

Finally, the three-hexagon designs on both colours are misaligned.  It's only a slight defect, but it bugs me a lot more than it should.  They're billed as high quality product, and the other designs are fine, so it's a shame that these ones are just a bit off.

UPDATE: Warmill are sending me replacement bases at no extra cost.  Thanks Warmill!  That's some damn good customer service.

Despite those nitpicks, they're a good product, and look great on the tabletop.  I'm not sure if I prefer the dark blue or the light blue more, the dark blue goes better with my color scheme, but the designs on the light blue look a little better.

Are they worth it? The bases are £1 each, which.. is about right I guess.  If you know someone with laser engraving equipment you might be able to get something similar for cheaper, but it's probably not worth the hassle.  If you're sick of using empty bases and looking for some fancy tokens, give them a go.

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