Wednesday, 19 September 2012

More September WIP

Painting continues at my usual torturous pace, I can't seem to find the motivation to paint after or before work, then weekends are spent being social and/or being lazy.  But I'm confident I'll be able to finish this guy up on time, he's turning out to be quite a joy to paint.

Last time I'd given Nemesor Zahndrehk an all-over silver drybrush to bring out the details.  The next step was to bring out his golden armour, which was a simple matter of drybrushing with Dwarf Bronze, Burnished Gold, then finally Golden Griffon..  A Gryffonne Sepia wash smoothed out the highlighting and added more shading and depth.

Then it was time to dull the golden finish down again with some verdigris.  As with my Chaos Lord, I applied a thinned down wash of Sybarite Green, directing the paint to places where water would naturally pool and streak.  While it looks fine how it is, I think I will push the effect even further and add surface mottling with lighter shades before adding gold highlights where the patina has rubbed away.

The red cloak plates were first basecoated with my favourite Citadel Paint, Dark Flesh (now Doombull Brown).  I then drybrushed it with 50/50 Dark Flesh/Evil Sunz Scarlet, then the pure red. A 50/50 mix of scarlet and bright orange (I forget the paint name, the new equivalent is Troll Slayer Orange) was applied as highlights to the top of each armor plate, it's a bit messy as the paint was a bit too runny.  It'll get smoothed over with further highlights and a glaze.

The staff blades were painted the same way, with the end result hopefully being that the metal looks like it's glowing red hot.  I'm still not sure what color to paint the armour plates and weapon haft, the original plan was to do a distressed bone color, but I'm thinking that a cool black might look good, especially if I give him a sandy-desert style base.  Two weeks to go!

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